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We got our first mini donkeys, Dominic and Cara in August 2021.  We looked high and low for halters and couldn't find anything until we found Lori at Halter Up.  Lori agreed to let DonkeyBling.ca be The Canadian distributor for Halter Up.

After 30 years of raising horses, dogs, sheep, goats and kids, I met my first mini donkey in 2021. Chocolate brown eyes, extravagant eyelashes and she can say my name ( more or less). It was absolutely love at first sight.
Looking for halters for my sweet Cara I found Lori, at HalterUp, her lovely overlays make my beautiful girl even prettier. And of course I had to find blankets, leads, brushes and I couldn't find just what we needed-so of course I found the best person to make them. Mini horses have unique needs to, so we expanded our line.

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